Despite the raging epidemic and social distancing orders that forced many businesses to close and operate online, the electronics retail industry still enjoyed impressive growth. Achieving this is largely due to the significant increase in the demand for laptops for work and study in the days of social distancing, leading to a serious shortage of stock. However, the phone segment shows how heavy the impact of the epidemic is.

According to many experts, the electronics retail industry will continue to have growth in the coming time because the demand is still very high. Especially when production is still facing multiple difficulties due to lack of supply and epidemic, this “laptop fever” will continue for a while longer.

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Above is the information compiled from ‘VIETNAM ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY REPORT Q3/2021’ made by VIRAC. The full report will provide customers with in-depth analysis information on the value chain, the situation of the electronic retailers and electronic industry as well as  forecasts about Vietnam’s electronic industry in 2021.

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