Service provision policy

1. Register to use the service

Customers can register to use the service in 02 options:

Head office in Hanoi:

Ho Chi Minh City Branch:

2. Payment

3. Shipping method’s services are provided ONLINE (in PDF format and written in English) after receives payment for services from Customer.
For Research services, we will provide the service by mail or telephone, or whatever is written in a specific contract with the Client.

4. Service time

5. Warranty and refund policy

In the event of a delay in delivery, is responsible for notifying the Customer in writing (email/letter) and receiving the Customer’s acceptance. Penalty policy (if any) is implemented according to the contract agreement.

Exchanges and/or returns are not applicable to services/products on’s website. Customers are welcome to give any comments/questions or any dissatisfaction about’s services/products and will be responsible for editing information/content to satisfy customer satisfaction.