Service provision policy

1. Register to use the service

Customers can register to use the service in 02 options:

Head office in Hanoi:

Ho Chi Minh City Branch:

2. Payment

3. Shipping method’s services are provided ONLINE (in PDF format and written in English) after receives payment for services from Customer.
For Research services, we will provide the service by mail or telephone, or whatever is written in a specific contract with the Client.

4. Service time

5. Warranty and refund policy

In the event of a delay in delivery, is responsible for notifying the Customer in writing (email/letter) and receiving the Customer’s acceptance. Penalty policy (if any) is implemented according to the contract agreement.

Exchanges and/or returns are not applicable to services/products on’s website. Customers are welcome to give any comments/questions or any dissatisfaction about services/products and will be responsible for editing information/content to satisfy customer satisfaction.




Rights and obligations of VIRAC


VIRAC has the rights to: 


Obligations of VIRAC


Rights and obligations of Consumers


Rights of Consumers


Duties of Consumers


Applicable Regulations




Customer can only request cancellation and refund in case they have paid but did not receive the service;

All customer cancellation and refund requests are submitted on VIRAC always carefully reviews each customer’s cancellation and refund request and has the right to make a final decision on such request based on the said rules and in accordance with VIRAC’s Terms of Service.


Cancellation Fee

Free of charge, if the customer complies with the provisions of this Cancellation and Refund Policy.


VIRAC shall only refund the customers in the above cases. Depending on the case, the refund will be transferred to the Customer’s designated credit card/bank account. Customers are responsible for providing bank account information to receive the refund.




VIRAC is always responsible for receiving and handling Customers’ complaints related to transactions on the Website When arising complaints and disputes, VIRAC emphasizes negotiation, conciliation measures between the parties in order to maintain the customer’s relationship and trust in the quality of the service. 

The complaint process follows the following steps:

Send email to email address:

Call Hotline +84 24 6328 9520

Buyers submit claims directly at: Vietnam Industry Research and Consultancy Joint Stock Company (5th Floor, Anh Minh Building, 36 Hoang Cau, Cho Dua, Dong Da, Hanoi).