With more than 5 years of accompanying enterprises on the market analysis, VIRAC is always proud to bring you quality reports at the most competitive prices in the market. In order to promptly support enterprises to grasp the latest developments and information on economic sectors in the complicated epidemic situation, VIRAC is pleased to release the Q3/2021 Industry Factsheet with a special discount:




The IF Report Q3/2021 will provide enterprises with the most up-to-date information on more than 30 of Vietnam’s key economic sectors, from agricultural (sugar, timber, coffee, .. .), industrial (coal, oil,…) to tourism, service research.


Some prominent industries included in the IF report Q3/2021:

? Real estate industry, in a positive macroeconomic situation, Government’s investment and infrastructure investment are promoted. The long-term outlook for the industry is positive. The hotel and office resort real estate sector is still struggling. Apartment and retail real estate are forecasted to be a “bright star” after Covid.


? The building materials industry faces many difficulties from the Covid-19 epidemic and almost records a decrease in consumption output. However, the level of influence in the period is different among industry sectors. Construction steel and galvanized steel show signs of recovery from the second half of the year. The cement and steel industries still have a slight growth rate and are not very positive due to the prolonged oversupply.


? Banking industry is more positive as the total net profit of 17 listed banks increased thanks to credit growth, improved NIM, and lower cost/income ratio (CIR). However, credit growth is slowing down during the period of social distancing. After the epidemic is under control, the banking industry is expected to be effective support driven for economic recovery.


? The F&B industry is directly affected by the closure due to social distancing. In terms of retail, during the complicated development of the epidemic, smaller, convenient, and clean shopping locations such as street stores and small supermarkets are being prioritized over large markets. crowded shopping mall, big supermarkets. Moreover, the epidemic has significantly increased the number of online shopping and home delivery transactions. It is forecasted that the F&B industry will increase prices when the disease situation is under control. However, it also means reducing consumer spending for this industry.


Through the IF industry report product, VIRAC will provide customers with general information about the target market, including outstanding information about the macroeconomic picture, industry size, and trend forecast. The products are exclusively produced by the VIRAC experts team.

Q3/2021 Industry Factsheet discount


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