Despite many obstacles and problems caused by the COVID-19 epidemic in 2021, the Vietnamese Steel Industry 2022 continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. Steel prices, in particular, record highs by the end of 2021 due to strong local and global demand. Following the success of 2021, the forecast for the Steel market in 2022 is still favorable, with numerous development potential. In the context of the global economy progressively recuperating, the Vietnamese Steel Industry 2022 is predicted to grow strongly; production and business operations are gradually adapting to the “new normal” existence.


Steel prices, in particular, had impressive “peak” periods in Q1/2022, kicking off a fantastic 2022 for the entire industry. At the same time, the construction industry and the real estate market are gradually becoming more dynamic, which are both positive signals for potential steel consumption demand. So, how did steel prices change in Q1/2022? What are the prospects for the Vietnam Steel Industry’s recovery and growth in 2022? All of the aforementioned questions will be answered and visualized in the Steel Industry Q1/2022 Infographic below.




Above is the Steel Industry Q1/2022 Infographic with information compiled from the  ‘VIETNAM STEEL INDUSTRY REPORT Q1/2022’ conducted by VIRAC. The full version of ‘VIETNAM STEEL INDUSTRY REPORT Q1/2022’ will describe in detail the multi-dimensional view of the macroeconomic situation, the situation of production, consumption, import, and export with specific economic indexes about the Steel Industry in Q1/2022, and also indicate the industry outlook forecast in 2022.


Register for a demo of the Vietnam Steel Industry Q1/2022 Report here to refer to the information that will be included in the full report.

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