Company Report (CR) plays a huge role in helping companies understand their customers, markets, competitors… From there, they can make strategic, short- and long-term plans. for businesses and organizations. CR provides basic to in-depth information of an enterprise with a number of key indicators on operating mechanism, comprehensive assessment of business situation, market potential, etc. Specifically, CR supports businesses. profession in the following ways:

Company Report (CR) helps businesses assess the financial potential of their target customers and make business plans.

CR helps businesses assess the financial potential of potential customers, thereby making an appropriate business plan. This is essential for businesses to respond to uncertainties and changes in the external and internal environment of an organization. The plan includes defining the work, coordinating the activities of the departments to achieve the common goal of the whole system. That creates high economic efficiency, because the plan is concerned with the common goal of achieving the highest efficiency with the lowest cost.

Without a plan, the systems in the system will operate freely, spontaneously, duplicated, causing unnecessary disturbances and costs. The plan has a great role, as an important basis for the inspection and adjustment of the entire operation of the system in general as well as the parts in the system.


Company Report (CR) helps businesses check and evaluate suppliers.


Supplier testing and evaluation is very necessary and important. CR supports the review of all production processes, including transportation, production and quality; help to see the shortcomings and from there have solutions to improve. Supplier evaluation is also a way to maintain close contact with suppliers. Having a clear vision and understanding of supplier activities can help improve business relationships. This reduces delivery delays and ensures product quality.


A good supplier will have appropriate standards, ensure the supply of supplies, raw materials, goods and services with adequate quantity, quality, stability, accuracy, meeting the business requirements of the enterprise. business at a good cost. Both of them work together to develop and create long-term strategic relationships, helping to keep the business stable and on the right track. A good supplier also helps to increase the physical strength and brand value of the business, enhances competitiveness, and creates a premise for the sustainable development of the business.

Company Report (CR) helps businesses manage supply.

Supply management is one of the very important items for businesses. Good supply is providing enough quality of necessary products, bringing good revenue for businesses, reducing the risk of goods turning back, reducing inventory costs for businesses.


Company Report (CR) helps businesses reduce risks.


Risk management is directly related to business strategies of enterprises and CR will help businesses forecast and minimize that. If risk can be forecasted correctly, managers can make better and more effective decisions to achieve the set goals. For businesses, risk assessment and management is the best way to prepare for situations that may or may not occur during growth and development. When risks occur, businesses that implement good risk management will limit falling into a passive situation.


Company Report (CR) helps businesses analyze competition and make business strategies.

Business strategy plays a very important role for the existence and development of every business. The right business strategy will create a good direction for the business. Business strategy can be considered as a red thread, a guideline for businesses to go in the right direction.


Business strategy brings a lot of benefits to businesses

The business strategy is oriented to long-term activities and is a solid basis for operational implementation. Absence of a strategy or a strategy that is not clearly established, with arguments will make the operation lose direction, only seeing in the short term, not seeing in the long term, only seeing the local but not seeing the whole. Business activities of enterprises are always influenced by external and internal factors.

Therefore, business strategy helps businesses orient their operations in the future through analyzing and forecasting the business environment. Business strategy helps businesses be both flexible and proactive to adapt to market fluctuations, while also ensuring business operations and development in the right direction. That can help businesses strive to improve their position in the market.

Business strategy creates the basis for enterprises to actively develop business directions suitable to the environment on the basis of taking advantage of opportunities, avoiding risks, and promoting the advantages of enterprises in business. . Business strategy helps enterprises to grasp the opportunities as well as the full range of threats to the development of the enterprise’s resources. It helps businesses exploit and rationally use resources, promoting the strength of the business.

The strategy creates an operating trajectory for the business, helping the business to link individuals with other interests towards a common goal, jointly developing the business. It creates a strong bond between employees and between managers and employees. Thereby enhancing and further enhancing the internal strength of the enterprise.

Business strategy is an effective competitive tool of enterprises. In the current conditions of globalization and economic integration, the influence and interdependence between businesses have been created. That process has created fierce competition among enterprises in the market. In addition to competitive factors such as price, quality, advertising, and marketing, businesses also use business strategy as an effective competitive tool.

In fact, businesses have the right business strategy that achieves a lot of success, surpassing competitors and creating a position for themselves in the market.



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