Generally, in 6M/2021, total sales in Vietnam automobile market reached 185.6 thousand units, up 29.9% over the same period in 2020. However, this growth was mainly in the first 4 months. Entering May 2021, auto sales decreased by 15% and continued to decrease by 8% in June 2021 due to the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak again and complicated developments in many localities in the country. causing more businesses, organizations and individuals to limit their purchases of this item. Besides, the global shortage of semiconductor chips also more or less affected the production and assembly of vehicles in the country as well as the import of many car models to Vietnam for distribution, making the handover of cars to customers slower. expected.


Experts forecast that this prolonged 4th Covid-19 outbreak will have a negative impact on the sales revenue of businesses in particular and the entire Vietnam automobile market in general.


Vietnam-automobile-production Vietnam-automobile-import Vietnam-automobile-forecast


Above is the information compiled from ‘VIETNAM AUTOMOBILE REPORT 6M/2021’ made by VIRAC. The full report will provide customers with in-depth analysis information on macroeconomics, industry position, information on spare parts, production, consumption, distribution as well as some forecasts. accompanied by a financial index on the automobile market in 2021.

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