Due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, the pharmaceutical industry has undergone numerous major changes in the year 2021. On the bright side, during the epidemic prevention and control phase, Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry in 2021 has played a vital role in societal welfare. The pharmaceutical sector, on the other hand, has encountered various obstacles this year as raw material and transportation costs grow and customers’ habits in using pharmaceuticals and medical examinations change; the state’s disease prevention and control laws are continuously refreshed and revised. So, how have pharmaceutical companies fared in the face of significant impacts from the epidemic? How was the pharmaceutical industry’s business situation in the year 2021? All of the following questions will be addressed by VIRAC, which will be synthesized and visually described in the Vietnam Pharmaceutical Industry Infographic 2021 below.





Above is the Pharmaceutical Industry 2021 Infographic with information compiled from the  ‘VIETNAM PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY REPORT Q4/2021’ conducted by VIRAC. The full version of ‘VIETNAM PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY REPORT Q4/2021’ will describe in detail the multi-dimensional view of the macroeconomic situation, the situation of production, consumption, import, and export with specific economic indexes about the pharmaceutical industry in 2021, and also indicate the industry outlook forecast in 2022.


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