What is the Industry Factsheet of VIRAC?

IF is a product that provides overview information of an industry (market size, product structure, industry dynamics, industry value chain…) in the form of visualization using charts, accurate and vivid drawing. Since then, IF provides the most up-to-date information on multiple industries and fields.

IF is quarterly updated by VIRAC with comprehensive information from more than 50 industries in Vietnam and more in the near future.

VIRAC’s experts provide in-depth analysis in all aspects of the industry, including: macroeconomic overview, production, consumption situation as well as commercial activities. Along with the forecast of industry growth and market trends, the latest regulations from the government are also mentioned in details in the report.

Who are IF users?

  • IF targets customers in financial sectors, namely banking, insurance and securities industries: Minimize costs and risks of transactions and optimize their portfolio.
  • Domestic and foreign investors: Provide an overview of the market to explore business opportunities, establish a strategy to penetrate the Vietnamese market.
  • Enterprises in the industry: Capture the size of the market, the growth of the industry, industry’s rate of return, the barriers or advantages and future development trends.

IF brings to customers:

  • Reasonably priced report: With competitive price, only 6 million VND  for retail purchase and 15 million VND for annual subscription with 4 quarters update versions. In addition, many discounts to customers purchasing a variety of sectors.
  • Most comprehensive and up-to-date multi-industry information: The large number of industries by sector are updated quarterly and analyzed from reliable sources.
  • Concise key industry information quickly to capture: Save time, money and more accuracy when making the right decision to join the industry and invest.

By providing an overview of the market, assessing the current situation and forecasting the potential for the future, the IF report will bring out the most valuable business insights to drive the business growth. To learn more about IF products, please register at the link:

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