Vietnam milk industry applied Ultra Heat Treatment (UHT) in milk production

Milk has been long confirmed to provide almost all necessary nutrients for a good health. In detail, there are over 100 different components including minerals, protein, fat, etc  to boost immunity, and recovery of a human being. Vietnam ‘s dairy industry is one of a few industries with relatively advanced technology in comparison with the world. For the past years, Vietnam milk industry has invested equipment, technology with complete and advanced scale

According to Dr. Bozenan Malmgren, technology expert in Switzerland, milk produced with the application of Ultra Heat Treatment (UHT) guarantees good and stable quality, easier and longer preservation, bacterial- free so it is safe for consumption. The UHT is a processing procedure that the product is heated to 136-140 oC in a short period of time( 4-6 s) and then chilling down quickly to 25 oC. This high temperature and fast cooling method eliminate any bacterial while maximizing the residual nutrition and keep the original taste of the product. The product is then packaged in 6 layer paper wrapping to prevent the contact with the light and bacterial in the surroundings which are the main reason for the deterioration of food. The UHT product, hence, can last up to 6 months  without preservation and cold preservation.

In Vietnam milk industry , this technology is widely applied, especially to dairy goods. However, with goods that directly extracted from fresh ingredients, this method is still considered expensive and requires professionalism in the process. Furthermore, the research and development of the processing chain is a huge challenge, especially with new products. According to the ministry of Industry and Trade, milk producing factories were continuously invested and upgraded for the past years with enclosed equipment chain, automatic from material processing to producing final products, applying advanced technology from famous brands like : Tetra Pak, Delaval, APV ( Denmark), DEA, Benco Pak( Italia), Combibloc(  Germany), ensuring stable quality and criteria- met products

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