Continuing the series of the creative content market, TV series (as known as dramas) is one of the creative products with a long development period. It has become a spiritual food in many countries around the world. Dramas carry with them the distinct culture of each country, showing many different aspects of people’s life. Over time, modern dramas are ‘exported’ to lots of countries and helped as a cultural connection between countries and regions. As a result, drama has become a popular product in new destinations beyond their homeland.

The Vietnamese drama market since 2012 has witnessed a vibrant development. Since then, TV series appears nearly in every channel at any time. It was the result of the adjustment of the regulations on import and export of cultural products for business purposes. Currently, in addition to Vietnamese films, films from other countries also create a strong foothold in the hearts of drama fans.

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Above is the information compiled from the ‘VIETNAM TV SERIES MARKET REPORT 2021’ conducted by VIRAC. The full report will provide customers with in-depth analysis information on the legal framework, value chain, market size, partners, competitors, and development prospects of this creative content in 2021.

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