The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many countries severely in many aspects. However, in general, the macroeconomic situation are still recovering and prospering. As for the Vietnamese economy, GDP in the first 6 months of 2021 increased by 5.64%  over the same period (higher than the 1.82% growth rate of 2020 but still low as expected.

In the Q2/2021 macroeconomic report, VIRAC will provide in-depth information and analysis on the economic situation of other countries and Vietnam’s economy, especially going into economic indicators and the stock and bond market. 

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Above is the information compiled from the  ‘MACROECONOMIC REPORT Q2/2021’ made by VIRAC. The full report will provide customers with in-depth analysis information on the macroeconomic situation, Vietnam’s economy, bond and stock markets as well as some forecasts in 2021.

For the full contents of the report, please leave your information here.

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