Vietnam Macroeconomic Report Q2/2023

36 Pages

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The Vietnam Macroeconomic Report in the second quarter of 2023 includes macroeconomic information in the country and the world, data on the bond market, the stock market and forecast of the future situation, …


Global GDP growth (%)

Inflation in America

Inflation in the EU

Inflation in Japan

Inflation in some countries using currencies

common euro (%, last year’s svck)

SVB’s collapse process

Federal funds rate in the US

DXY index


GDP growth

US consumer price index (CPI).

Unemployment rate

Personal consumption


GDP growth

Industrial output growth increased

Growth in retail sales of consumer goods

Growth in investment in fixed assets


Bond market

Primary government bond market

Government bonds issued by type

Outright and Repos transaction value on the secondary market

Government bond yield fluctuations in the secondary market

Foreign transactions on the secondary market

Volume of corporate bonds issued

Corporate bond issuance value by industry group

New points of Decree 08

Stock market

Trading volume and value by month on HOSE

Trading volume and value by month on HNX

Foreign investment transaction value on HOSE

Foreign investment transaction value on HNX


Number of domestic securities trading accounts


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