VIRAC’s Market Research Service 2022

VIRAC’s Market Research Service 2022


What is marketing research?


Marketing research is the process of collecting information and data related to a business field, such as customers, competitors, and target markets. The aim is to use this information to develop and implement effective strategies for growing the business. Marketing research can involve a variety of techniques, including surveys, focus groups, and data analysis. The ultimate goal is to better understand the needs and preferences of customers and to use this knowledge to create products, services, and marketing campaigns that are more effective and successful.


How essential is market research service is 


In the era of information technology development, searching and collecting data, information has become easier than ever and this is a useful tool for governments, businesses, investors, and consumers. On the other hand, using and sequencing data to suit the purpose becomes a difficult problem for businessmen. The government wants to make a decision, adjustment needs to have specific data and assessment.


Businesses joining a market, or foreign organizations investing in the economy also need to have in-depth research reports enough to comprehend the potential and risks of that market. Especially in this time when “every inch of land” is “an inch of gold”, entering a certain field requires a strategy and a specific market research report.


Understanding the profound problems Vietnam’s research market is facing, Vietnam Industry Research and Consulting Company (VIRAC) has launched market research services aimed at the target audience from economic sectors, enterprises, and the Vietnamese market. In addition, our staff with many years of experience in finance and investment always strives to provide customers with sharp and trustworthy financial information about the market and competitors.


Market research and survey services 


VIRAC provides goods and services market survey services to consumers in Vietnam. Market research is an easy way to get the best overview of your customers’ needs, wants, and beliefs. Besides, market research services show the behavior of customers, thereby determining how to sell products in the market.


We use qualitative methods such as group interviews, in-depth interviews, and anthropology and quantitative methods like surveys and analysis of primary and secondary data.


VIRAC committees provide reports with accurate, timely data sources, and objective and honest assessments. We make judgments based on the knowledge and experience of leading experts in the fields of finance, investment, and research.


– Professional human resources are capable of making overall and detailed plans, managing, monitoring, and supervising plans closely, specifically.


Detailed analysis combined with the understanding of customer needs, helps businesses and investors have a comprehensive and complete view of the issues of concern, and helps customers build appropriate business and investment strategies for the potential industry, enterprise, and market.


VIRAC Market Research




Besides, VIRAC provides industry reports, business research


  • Industry reports


VIRAC supplies in-depth reports following customers’ needs and quarterly released reports of economic sectors in the market. Those industry market forecasts are based on accurate data from reliable information sources.


  • Business research


VIRAC advises and assists clients to minimize risks, and assesses the financial potential of potential businesses or competitors. At the same time, we plan business meetings, improve negotiation and business strategy, analyze competition, etc. 


During our operation, VIRAC has received the trust and cooperation of many major domestic and foreign partners. We always treasure and consider it as a driving force to grow every day.



Available product categories:

  • Industry Report
  • Business report
  • Market research reports
  • Flatform VIRACE


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