A difficult year for the tourism industry has ended with many impacts from the continuous outbreaks of COVID-19 epidemic. Although Vietnam’s tourism has not been able to prosper through the summarized indexes in 2021, experts still expect a recovery of Vietnam Tourism industry in 2022.







2021- A difficult year for Vietnam Tourism industry

Data from the General Statistics Office show that in 2021, the number of international visitors to Vietnam will decrease by more than 99% compared to 2019. Specifically, in 2021, international visitors to our country are estimated at 157.3 thousand arrivals, down 95.9% yoy and down 99.1% compared to 2019. In which, visitors mainly are experts and foreign technical workers working in Vietnam.


In 2021, the number of tour businesses revoking their travel business licenses accounts for over 35% of the total licensed, while the rest stops operating. The accommodation sector, which accounts for 46% of the total revenue of Vietnam’s tourism industry, is also forced to close about 90% and almost had no visitors, except for isolation facilities.


Revenue from accommodation and F&B services in 2021 is 398 trillion VND, down 19.3% yoy. Travel service in 2021 is 6.5 trillion VND, down 59.9% yoy.




The recovery route of Vietnam Tourism industry in 2022

Positive outlook for the recovery of Vietnam Tourism industry

According to analytical data from Google Destination Insights, the number of international searches for Vietnam tourism (airline and accommodation services) in the last 3 months of 2021 is on an increasing trend. In October 2021, the search volume for aviation increased by about 15% yoy. However, in early December, it increased by 167% yoy, and 282% by the end of December. Meanwhile, the search volume for accommodation at the beginning of December 2021 also started to be significantly higher (+31%). At the end of December, that rate was 67% higher than the same period and continued to maintain at a high level entering early 2022.


That last December was like a “bright spot” at the end of the year for the Vietnamese tourism industry thanks to the fact that Vietnam implemented an aviation route to welcome international tourists in 5 localities: Phu Quoc (Kien Giang), Khanh Hoa, Da Nang, Quang Nam, Quang Ninh after nearly 2 years of interruption by the COVID-19 pandemic.


International commercial flights have begun to be restored. International arrivals in December were estimated at 17.2 thousand, up 14.2% over the previous month and 5.4% yoy. As a result, the number of international visitors to Vietnam in Q4/2021 reached 42.7 thousand, an increase of 62.7% compared to Q3/2021 and a decrease of 12.4% yoy.


This is a positive sign for Vietnam’s tourism industry, especially in the efforts to recover Vietnam’s tourism in the context of the new normal in 2022.


Efforts of the Government and administrative agencies in “reviving” Vietnam tourism industry

According to Decision No. 1535/QD-TTg dated September 15, 2021, of the Prime Minister on the assignment of medium-term public investment plan with state budget capital for the period of 2021-2025. Central budget support for the tourism sector of localities is more than 5,500 billion VND. This budget is an important resource to promote the development and completion of tourism infrastructure.


The Minister of Planning and Investment emphasized, besides budget capital, it is necessary to continue researching and promulgating appropriate, stable, and attractive mechanisms and policies. The aim is to diversify sources of investment capital in tourism infrastructure according to the approved plannings (such as ODA, investment from domestic and foreign enterprises, mobilizing public-private cooperation, etc).




With the attention and support of the Government as well as the determination of the management agencies, the Vietnam tourism industry is expected to rise strongly in 2022. However, with the complicated epidemic situation, the recovery road of tourism in Vietnam is struggling. However, with the drastic intervention of ministries, localities, and businesses, the tourism industry will pioneer on the path of economic recovery and development.




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