Vietnam cement industry report Q2/2023

Vietnam cement industry report Q2/2023

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Vietnam cement industry report Q2/2023

Macroeconomic effects on Vietnam cement industry

GDP growth rate by quarter

USD Price Index


Change in CPI

Demand of the domestic cement industry

The growth rate of cement consumption in Vietnam is rapidly decreasing (data show that 2020 is x%, but 2021 and 2022 only record x% and x%). The market is also showing that manufacturers are stepping up their search for foreign markets when facing difficulties in the domestic market. Cement exports CAGR in the period of 2017 – 2023 reached y%.

About the type of export

About the export market

Supply of the domestic cement industry

List of factories expected to come into operation in the period of 2021 – 2030f

Cement production output

News about Vietnam cement industry

It is forecast that the cement market will continue to grow steadily in both production and consumption, with growth forecasted at about x% and x% respectively.


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