VIRAC launched annual report 2022 with more than 22 economic industries

Annual Report 2022

Annual Industry Report 2022 provides full information on the business environment such as macroeconomics, legal framework, and related agreements. It also brings industry information in the world as well as in Vietnam. In addition, this 2022 report also gives industry analysis information. 

With more than 7 years of accompanying businesses on the path of market analysis, VIRAC is always proud to bring quality reports at the most competitive prices in the market. In the context of war and unpredictable changes in the economy and market, we promptly support enterprises to grasp the latest developments and information on economic sectors. Moreover, VIRAC launches a report in 2022 with more than 22 industries such as Real Estate, Pulp & Paper, Leather and Footwear, Oil & Gas, Textile Garment, Electricity, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Wood, Airline, Chemical, Macroeconomics, Electronic Components, Logistics, Accommodation, Plastic, Automobile, Coal, Steel, Animal Feed, Food Processing, Construction Materials, Minerals, Telecommunications, Cement, etc. 


Here are some typical annual reports:


The annual report 2022 on Vietnam’s Accommodation service industry includes 4 parts:


Accommodation annual report in 2022
                                                                              Image 1. Accommodation industry report in 2022


  • Part 1: Business environment
  • Part 2: The world accommodation service industry
  • Part 3: Vietnam’s accommodation service industry
  • Part 4: Business analysis


In particular, each part in the report on Vietnam’s accommodation service 2022:

  • The business environment section of the Vietnam Accommodation Services Report 2022 includes the macroeconomic situation, legal barriers, and free trade agreements.


  • The world accommodation service industry provides the scope and status of the world travel and tourism service industry, the scope and status of the world accommodation service industry, and the top typical enterprises in the world accommodation service industry.


  • The Vietnam accommodation service section includes: Overview and current situation of Vietnam’s accommodation service industry, supply, operating capacity, room rent, typical businesses, SWOT, risks and challenges of the industry, planning, and development prospects of accommodation services in Vietnam


The annual report 2022 on Vietnam’s Steel industry includes 4 parts:


Steel annual report in 2022
                                                                                           Image 2. Steel industry report in 2022


  • Part 1: Business environment
  • Part 2: World markets
  • Part 3: Vietnam market
  • Part 4: Business analysis


Specifically, each section in the steel market report:


  • The business environment section includes the macroeconomic situation, legal framework, trade agreements


  • The world market part includes production process, technology, raw materials, production, consumption, import and export situation, a situation in some typical countries and regions, major companies in the industry, and the world steel market forecast


  • The Vietnamese market segment covers the industry’s value chain, production technology, input materials, scale, construction steel, metal-coated and color-coated corrugated iron, hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel, steel pipes, import and export situation, distribution system, competition, industry risks, development planning and forecast of Vietnam’s steel market




Besides, VIRAC can research and make customized reports to meet the special and in-depth needs of customers. Register for the topic HERE.


VIRAC was founded by a team of reputable personnel with expertise in information, finance, and market research in the region. VIRAC specializes in providing products and services related to:

  • Industry Research
  • Business Research
  • Market Research
  • VIRACE data platform


VIRAC’s partners: 

  • Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank)
  • Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade of Vietnam (Vietinbank)
  • Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam (Agribank)
  • Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB Bank)
  • Unilever Vietnam International Co., Ltd
  • Olam International
  • FrieslandCampina

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