Company report

To facilitate the planning and monitoring of our tasks, we will develop a work plan which shows:
  • Collecting and synthesizing data

    Understanding client’s requirements, objectives, expectations;

    Crafting detailed outline;

    Researching and classifying materials.

  • Collecting primary data:

    In-depth interviews of economical & political organization both at domestic and foreign countries, exemplary businesses and associations;

    Surveying businesses, associations and key customers.

  • Collecting secondary data

    Summarizing data from reports of well-known research organizations;

    Accessing data source of related Goverment Authorities, Ministries, Associations and etc.;

    Building a huge database including important events, typical cases in history.

  • Building report content

    Utilizing quantitative and qualitative analytical methods to process data;

    Concentrating on solving customer questions and concerns;

    Internal discussions and reviews.

  • Transfering reports

    Discussing with client about result, methodology and data sources of the report;

    Answering client questions;

    Editing and finishing the report.

  • Quality Management

    At VIRAC, we always take the initiative in managing quality throughout the research process. Our Quality Management methods aim at providing customers with outstanding services in both quality and timely recommendations consistent with the current situation.