During the operation, VIRAC has received the trust of cooperation from many domestic and foreign partners. We always respect and consider it a motive to develop day by day.


VIRAC provided us with a highly-impressive market reports on Vietnam Industries, in which there are a huge number of comprehensive information and standardized data attached. The report looks at macroeconomic status and how TPP impacts on the industries, which assists our decision on loaning. VIRAC is deserved to be an excellent partner in the industry research and consultancy service.

Comprehensive Report

VIRAC’s detail analytic report on Vietnam Fertilizer and Chemical industry fully support us in the process of making strategic decisions. VIRAC has great impacts on us by the team of skillful research and analysis specialists as well as specific and updated data. The services also offer us direct discussions with VIRAC’s team to ensure the report would be focused in on the aspects we highlight. We are more than satisfied with products and services from VIRAC.