Television technology in the world has gone through three main stages: electronic television, electromagnetic television, digital television.

Revenue from pay TV services in North America and Europe has always accounted for the largest share of the region

Later on, pay-TV (IPTV) technology has made significant progress in terms of revenue.

On 17/10/2017, Minister of Information and Communications signed Decision No. 1761/QD-MICT which approve the conversion of the UHF (470-806) MHz from 2018 to 2020. This decision comes into force on January 1, 2018.

In 2017, SCTV and VTVcab continue to be the two leading players in subscription and market share in pay television. With the trend of converting people to use IPTV services, the number of subscribers of FPT, MyTV is expected to grow sharply in 2018.

Executive summary
I. Business Environment
1.1. Macroeconomic situation
1.2. Legal barriers
1.3. Economic agreements
II. Market overview
2.1. Current market of the world television market
2.1.1. History of the world television market
2.1.2. Pay TV in the world
2.1.3 Pay TV in some countries around the world
2.2. Current status of Vietnam’s television market
2.2.1. The technology of pay TV nowadays
2.2.2. Current status of Vietnam’s television market
2.2.3. Typical pay TV companies and products
2.2.4. Pay TV product groups comparison
2.3. Issues in the development of the television market
2.3.1. Industry risks
2.3.2. SWOT
2.3.3. Pay TV product groups comparison

2.4. Planning, forecast and recommendations
2.4.1. Planning
2.4.2. Forcast and recommendations
3. Enterprise analysis
3.1. Revenue and profit
3.2. Subscribers and market share
3.3. Number of employees
3.4. Technologies used
4. Directory of companies operating in Vietnam pay TV market 2016.

Cable TV Vietnam VTV Cab
Saigon Cable TV Company (SCTV)
Vietnam Satellite Television Company Limited
Audio Global Corporation (AVG)
VTC Multimedia Corporation
Viettel Telecommunications Corporation
FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company
Television service development company (MyTV Television Company)