The steel industry is a heavy important industry in industry area in the world and creates the essential products in daily life. Therefore, the changes in the industry will directly impact to the field of industrial production and affect on economic growth.

In 5 years, the production and consumption of steel in the world has tended to increase with the highest level in 2014. However, in 2015, it went down. The reason was that the world’s no.1 steel market was China declined, supply exceeded demand so this country aimed to massively export to foreign markets with cheap price. This caused global market manipulation. The demand reduced and the supply was surplus, steel trade surplus of China is becoming a threat to the countries producing steel in the world.

While the global steel market was slowdown, the Indian steel industry had an annual steady growth, became the No. 3 in the largest steel producers in the world, after China and Japan.

Vietnam steel industry in 2017 is continuing to grow from 2012 with an average annual growth of up to 19% with crude steel. However, Vietnam steel consumption is still low. In 2017, steel consumption per capita reached 267 kg / person, lower than other countries in the region: Thailand (278kg / person), Singapore (502kg / person) … In terms of production, the flat steel industry in Vietnam has made breakthroughs when Formosa Ha Tinh has supplied 1.3 million tonnes of HRC – the product which Vietnam has mainly imported so far. Along with the in-depth and large scale projects such as Dung Quat – Hoa Phat steel project, Ca Na – Hoa Sen steel project… Vietnam steel industry is expected not only to expand but also develop in-depth in the future.

Executive summary
I. Business environment
1. Macroeconomic context
2. Legal framework
3. Trade agreements
II. Global market
1. Definition and classification
2. Manufacturing process
3. Production technology
4. Raw materials
5. Production
6. Consumption
7. Import- Export
8. Current situation of key nations in the industry
9. Regional current situation
10. Major companies in the industry
III. Local market
1. History of development
2. Industry value chain
3. Production technology
4. Input materials
5. Scale
6. Contruction Steel
7. Steel pipe
8. Sheetplate
9. Import-Export
10. Inventory
11. Distribution system
12. Competitiveness analysis
IV. Risks analysis
1. Risk
2. SWOT analysis
V. Planning and prediction
1. Planning and development
2. Global market forecast
3. Local market forecast
VI. Enterprise analysis
1. Enterprise introduction
2. Financial analysis
VII. Financial Statements Appendix
Hoa Phat Group
Hoa Sen Group
Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel JSC.
Dai Thien Loc
Viet – Italian Steel JSC
Dana Steel
Hoa Sen Steel
Dong A Steel
Nam Kim Steel
Viet – German Steel Pipe JSC
Tien Len Steel
Pomina Steel JSC