Pharmaceutical industry in 2017 continued to grow strongly with the value of pharmaceutical domestic production reached 2.5 billion USD, 12.0% higher than the same period in 2016. In general, the pharmaceutical domestic production rapidly increased over the years with the CAGR in 2010-2017e period is 15%. Achieving the above results is due to: (1) The Government’s strategy to increase domestic market share to 80% by 2020 is a driving force for domestic producers to improve their production capacity and compete in the market. (2) The expiration of the world-wide range of copyright drugs makes developing markets such as Vietnam benefit from increased production of generic drugs to meet the demand for therapeutic drugs at lower cost.

In 2017, it is estimated that 22 of the original patents expired: Vytorim, Cubicin, Sandostati, Arranon, Treximet and Mepron, Reyataz, … of leading manufacturers such as Merck, Pfizer, Roche. (3) The expansion of investment projects, expansion of pharmaceutical production. Specifically, on May 14, Savi Pharmaceutical Company put into operation a Europe standard functional food factory in Tan Thuan Industrial Park, Ho Chi Minh City. On July 7, CVI Cosmetics Joint Stock Company officially received the certificate of investment in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park to invest in the construction of a pharmaceutical factory. TRA has put into operation a new high-tech pharmaceutical factory in Hung Yen. (December 2017).

Report summary
1. Business environment
1.1. Macroeconomic situation
1.2. Legal framework
1.3. Trade Agreements
2. Pharmaceutical Industry Overview
2.1. Global Pharmaceutical Industry 
2.1.1. Production – Consumption
2.1.2. Export – Import
2.1.3. Production and Consumption Situation in major countries
2.1.4. Large Enterprises in the world
2.2. Vietnam Pharmaceutical Industry Overview
2.2.1. History of Vietnam Pharmaceutical Industry
2.2.2. Industry Position
2.2.3. Industry Scale and Feature
2.2.4. Value Chain of Vietnam Pharmaceutical Industry
2.2.5. Raw materials
2.2.6. Production technology
2.2.7. R&D
2.2.8. Production
2.2.9. Consumption
2.2.10. Export – Import
2.2.11. Price movements
2.2.12. Distribution system
2.3. Risks and challenges
2.4. Industry planning
2.5. Driving forces and forecast
3. Enterprise analysis
3.1. Profitability Ratios
3.2. Cost structure
3.3. Asset Management Ratios
3.4. Capital Structure
3.5. Solvency
3.6. Return on Investment
4. Appendix of financial statements
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