Vietnam which is located on the west bank of Bien Dong (East Sea), is a large sea of Pacific Ocean with an area of 3,448,000 km² and a 3,260 km long coastline. Vietnam marine biodiversity is quite high, also is the birthplace and spread of many groups of marine organisms in Indo – Pacific tropical region with about 11,000 species have been discovered.

Vietnam has long been a leading producer and exporter of fishery products in the region, along with Indonesia and Thailand. Fishery products exports become one of the most important sectors of the economy. In Q1/2018, fishery products production was more favorable due to good weather conditions. The total output of fishery products was estimated at x, xxx.x thousand tons, in which, exploitation reached xxx.x thousand tons and raising of xxx.x thousand tons.

The fishery products processing industry has developed into a spearhead economic sector, a major commodity producing industry, leading the way in international economic integration. Quarter 1/2018, fishery products export value was estimated at nearly x.xx billion, up 17.6% over the same period in 2017. Australia market has gradually eased the ban on shrimp imports that creates opportunities for Vietnamese shrimp to sharply increase export value. On 30/6/2017, the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has issued Notice 64/2017 on the suspension of imports of shrimp products that has expired since 06/7/2017.

Enterprises in the top 10 enterprises having relatively contrary business results. The turnover of some enterprises decreased, while the turnover of other businesses increased sharply. 2016 is a successful year of some companies when the gross profit of some large companies such as Hung Vuong, Vinh Hoan, Viet Thang… continued to grow well.



Executive summary
1. Business environment
1.1 Macroeconomic situation
1.2 Legal framework
2. World seafood market
2.1 World seafood market
2.1.1 Production
2.1.2 Consumption
3. Vietnam seafood market
3.1 Characteristics of the Vietnamese fishery industry
3.2 Situation of aquaculture and exploitation
3.2.1 Overview of aquaculture and exploitation
3.2.2 Current status of seafood exploitation
3.2.3 Current status of aquaculture
3.3 Production
3.4 Consumption
3.5 Driving forces
3.6 Industry planning
4. Enterprise analysis

Hung Vuong Joint Stock Company – HVG
Minh Phu Corporation – MPC
Vinh Hoan Corporation – VHC
Soc Trang Seafood Joint Stock Company – STAPIMEX
Viet Thang Feed Joint Stock Company – VTF
An Giang Fisheries Import – Export Joint Stock Company – AGF
Quoc Viet Seafood Processing and Export Company Limited
Nha Trang Seafoods Joint Stock Company – F17
Minh Hai Seafood Joint Stock Company
Danang Seaproducts Import-Export Corporation

List of figures
Figure 1: GDP growth rate by quarter, 2015 – Q1/2018
Figure 2: Fishery’s contribution to GDP, 2013 – Q1/2018e
Figure 3: VND/USD exchange rate, 2013-3/2018
Figure 4: Lending rates and mobilizing rates, 2012- Q1/2018
Figure 5: Fishery’s contribution to Vietnam’s total exports, 2013 – Q1/2018e
Figure 6: Import – Export, 2006 – Q1/2018
Figure 7: Total population and age structure of labor force, 2014 – 2017e
Figure 8: Labor force in agriculture, industry, fishery, 2011 – 2017e
Figure 9: Global aquaculture and fishing production, 2009 – 2017e
Figure 10: Structure of fishing and aquaculture areas in 2016e
Figure 11: Structure of global fishermen, 2016e
Figure 12: Structure of fishing fleets by area, 2014
Figure 13: Structure of world fishing production by region, 2016
Figure 14: Structure of world fishing and aquaculture production by region, 2016
Figure 15: Structure of world aquaculture production by region, 2016
Figure 16: Aquaculture by region, 2015
Figure 17: Top 10 countries in terms of aquaculture, 2016
Figure 18: Top 10 most caught fishes 2015
Figure 19: Top 10 countries in terms of fishing 2015
Figure 20: Global seafood consumption, 2009 – 2016e
Figure 21: Seafood consumption per capita, 2009 – 2016
Figure 22: Number of fishery enterprises 2010 – 2016
Figure 23: Number of laborers farming, fishing and processing aquatic products, 2010 – 2016
Figure 24: Fish farming area, 2010 – 2016e
Figure 25: Fishing boats with a capacity of 90 CV, 2010 – 2016e
Figure 26: Seafood production, 2009 – Q1/2018e
Figure 27: Exploitation output of coastal provinces by region, 2017e
Figure 28: Vietnamese seafood exploitation, 2010 – Q1/2018e
Figure 29: Structure of fishery exploitation by area, 2016e
Figure 30: Seafood imports, 2013 – Q1/2018e
Figure 31: Seafood import structure, Q1/2018e
Figure 32: Production of some aquatic species, 2013 – Q1/2018e
Figure 33: Ratio of catfish farming area self-invested in some provinces and cities in 2016
Figure 34: Shrimp farming area in brackish waters, 2011 – 2017e
Figure 35: Structure of pangasius production by province, Q1/2018e
Figure 36: Frozen seafood production, 2011 – Q1/2018e
Figure 37: Seafood consumption per capita in Vietnam, 2010 – 2013
Figure 38: Domestic consumption value of seafood, 2013 – 2016
Figure 39: Seafood exports, 2010 – Q1/2018e
Figure 40: Seafood export structure by value, Q1/2018e
Figure 41: Export value of aquatic products, Q1/2018e
Figure 42: Pangasius export value 2011 – Q1/2018e
Figure 43: Pangasius export structure by value, 2017e
Figure 44: Export value of catfish to some markets, 2016 – 2017
Figure 45: Shrimp export value, 2011 – Q1/2018e
Figure 46: Export structure of shrimp products, Q1/2018e
Figure 47: Export value of the tuna sector, 2011 – Q1/2018e
Figure 48: Exported tuna products, 2017e
Figure 49: Tuna export turnover by market, 2017e
Figure 50: Net revenue growth, 2015 – 2016
Figure 51: Gross profit growth, 2015 – 2016
Figure 52: Selling expenses/Net revenue, 2016
Figure 53: Administrative expenses/Net revenue, 2016
Figure 54: Accounts receivable turnover, 2015 – 2016

List of tables
Table 1: Fishing and aquaculture results, 2016 – Q1/2018
Table 2: Seafood production in Vietnam, 2016 – Q1/2018e
Table 3: Processing facilities of aquatic products for export by type of enterprise and kind of processed products in 2012
Table 4: Top fishery enterprises with the highest revenue in 2016