Vietnam is the 12th largest exporter of electronics in the world and the third largest in ASEAN, yet 95% of exports come from foreign-invested enterprises. Vietnam is gradually becoming a factory producing and assembling components for electronic products of many major brands in the world such as Samsung, LG, Canon, Toshiba. Currently, Vietnam’s electronic components industry is still very young and only in processing and assembling activities so the value added is very low, only 5-10% based mainly on the cheap labor advantage. However, this advantage is gradually lost due to the impact of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 with about 75% of Vietnam’s electronics workers doing repetitive jobs (mainly in machining, assembly works) that does not require high skill level might be replaced by machines in the future.

The consumption value of Vietnam’s electronic components industry grew at a CAGR of 37.7% in the period 2010 – 2017 due to the increasing demand of electronic components of multinational electronics corporations at Vietnam as Samsung, LG, Nokia … In addition, the improvement in per capita incomes is having a significant impact on total household spending, especially on household appliances and electronics. Thus, the domestic market has a huge growth potential for electronic enterprises, thereby boosting electronic production, which is the driving force for the electronics manufacturing industry.

Executive summary
1. Business environment
1.1. Macroeconomic situation
1.2. Legal framework
2. Industry overview
2.1. Global market
2.1.1. Production and consumption
2.2. Vietnam market
2.2.1. History of industry establishment and development
2.2.2. Value chains in electronics industry
2.2.3. Production
2.2.4. Consumption
2.2.7. Import and export
2.3. Industry development planning
2.4. Outlook and forecasts
2.4.1. Driving forces for industry development
3. Enterprise analysis
3.1. Introduction of enterprises
3.2. Financial analysis


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