Vietnam has a tendency to shift its industry to processing and manufacturing sectors, reduce its reliance on mining due to increasingly depleted natural resources, increasingly difficult conditions for mining and abnormal fluctuations of prices. The semiconductor industry contributes over … of the total manufacturing value of the electronic component industry in the period 2010-2016. The global electronics market has long been dominated by industrialized countries such as the United States, Japan and some European countries. The global electronics market is in a saturated phase when the demand has been low and there have been no breakthroughs in products. According to GSO, industrial index of production in the first nine months of 2017 of electronic, computer and optical products increased by … over the same period in 2016. Vietnam’s participation in more trade agreements in the future will attract foreign investment, especially direct investment; promote the process of technology transferring; improve the level of business management and increase business productivity. In the first nine months of 2017, large enterprises all invested much in production technology, machinery and equipment in order to renovate technology, expand the scale thereby increasing a large amount of long-term assets which are imported into Vietnam.

1. Business environment
1.1. Macroeconomic situation
1.2. Legal framework
2. Industry overview
2.1. World market
2.1.1. Definition and classification
2.1.2. Production and Consumption
2.2. Vietnam market
2.2.1. History of industry formation and development
2.2.2. Status of the value chain linkage in the electronics industry
2.2.3. Production
2.2.4. Consumption
2.2.5. Import Export
2.3. Sectoral development zoning
2.4. Motivation for sector development
3. Enterprise Analysis
3.1. Enterprise introduction
3.2. Financial analysis

Sai Gon STEC Co., Ltd.
INTEL Vietnam Co., Ltd.
FOSTER Vietnam Co., Ltd
HOSIDEN Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Haesung Vina CO., LTD.
Meiko Vietnam CO., LTD.
Sumiden Device Innovations Vietnam

List of figures
Figure 1: GDP Growth Rates, 2011 – 9M/2017e
Figure 2: Production value of the electronics industry, 2009 – 9M/2017e
Figure 3: VND / USD exchange rates, 2015 – 9/2017
Figure 4: Mortgage interest rates, 2011 – 9M/2017e
Figure 5: Labor productivity in Vietnam, 2006 – 2016
Figure 6: Minimum wages of some countries in the region, 2016
Figure 7: Job displacement by industry in Q2/2017, compared with Q2/2016 and Q1/2017
Figure 8: Most exported goods, 9M/2017e
Figure 9: The percentages of import-export value of electronics, computers, phones and components, 2010 – 9M/2017e
Figure 10: Most imported goods, 9M/2017e
Figure 11: Foreign direct investment, 2014 – Q3/2017e
Figure 12: FDI attraction by industry, 9M/2017e
Figure 13: Production and consumption value of semiconductor devices,2010 – 2016f
Figure 14: Total production value of global electronic components, 2010 – 2016f
Figure 15: Market share of semiconductor equipment, 2016e
Figure 16: Revenue of semiconductor devices by type of product, 2016e
Figure 17: Passive component consumption value by quarter, 2012 – 2016
Figure 18: Input material price of passive components, 2012 – 3/2017
Figure 19: Localization rate of Japanese electronics enterprises in some countries, 2015
Figure 20: Global value chain of Samsung and Vietnam
Figure 21: Electronic Component Production Value, 2011 – 9M/2017e
Figure 22: Structure of electronic production, 2015
Figure 23: Industrial Index of Production of Electronic Component Sector by month, 2016 – 2017
Figure 24: Supplyment structure of electronic components, 2015
Figure 25: Number of enterprises and workers in electronic components industry, 2010 – 2015
Figure 26: Classification of electronic component enterprises by region, 2015
Figure 27: Total investment capital and fixed assets of electronic component industry, 2010-2015
Figure 28: Revenue and profit of electronic component enterprises, 2010 – 2015
Figure 29: Electronic component consumption value, 2010 – 9M / 2017e
Figure 30: Top 10 electronic component enterprises with highest revenue in 2016
Figure 31: Main customers of electronic component industry 2015
Figure 32: Phone and component export of Vietnam through 2015-2017
Figure 33: Market structure of phones and components export, 9M / 2017
Figure 34: Global smartphone market share structure and sales, Q3 / 2017
Figure 35: Top 10 Largest Phones and Components Exporters, 9M/2017
Figure 36: Import turnover of phone spare parts and accessories, 2010 – 9M/2017e
Figure 37: Market structure for supplying phones and components for Vietnam, 9M / 2017
Figure 38: Export structure of computers, electronic products and components by enterprise sector of Vietnam, 9M / 2017
Figure 39: Export turnover of computers, electronic products and components of Vietnam, 2010 – 9M/2017
Figure 40: Top 10 largest computer and electronic component exporters, 9M/2017
Figure 41: Top 10 export markets for computers, electronic products and components of Vietnam, 9M / 2017
Figure 42: Top 10 export items with the highest FDI, 9M / 2017e
Figure 43: Import turnover of computers, electronic products and components of Vietnam by month in 2016-2017
Figure 44: Top 10 supplying markets of computers, electronic products and components in Vietnam, 9M / 2017
Figure 45: Top 10 largest computer and electronic component importers, 9M / 2017
Figure 46: Revenue of domestic electronics technology groups, 9M / 2017
Figure 47: Net revenue from sales and services, 2015 – 2016
Figure 48: Gross Profit and Gross Profit Margin, 2016
Figure 49: Solvency, 2016
Figure 50: Capital structure, 2016
Figure 51: Asset using effectiveness, 2016

List of tables
Table 1: Required portfolio of MNCs for component suppliers
Table 2: Production of electronic components in Vietnam, 2010-9M/2017e
Table 3: Some FDI projects investing in electronic component industry, 2014 – 2016
Table 4: Demand for electronic components of Canon Vietnam
Table 5: Demad for component products of Intel