Currently, EVN still currently has monopolistic power in regular segment, electricity trade, electricity conduction and distribution. Due to influence from climate changes, demand for electricity consumption increases, as well as the growth boom in process and manufacture industry, investment fund attraction, etc, the demand for electricity commodities rise higher and higher. Vietnam power demand surged fast in 15 years from 2011( rose 9.5%/year in average) and it is predicted to increase relatively substantially in the upcoming 15 years. Electricity consumption average in Vietnam in 2016 was 1,700 kWh/person/year, whereas the global ones were approximately 3,500/person/year.

Vietnam Competitive Generation Market (VCGM) scale is expanded larger and larger, calculated at the end of 2017, there were 81 power plants that entered electricity market, included 21 thermal power stations and 60 hydroelectricity plants, with total output capacity of 22,432 MW. Developing competitive electricity market is mutual growth trend of all countries in the world and motivation for performance effeciency in production and business as well as socio-economic development.

Executive summary
1. Business environment
1.1. Macroeconomic situation
1.2. Legal framework
2. Industry overview
2.1. Situation of global electricity industry
2.1.1. Demand and supply for electricity
2.2. Situation of Vietnam electricity industry
2.2.1. History of Vietnam electricity industry
2.2.2. Value chain of the industry
2.2.3. Electricity generation
2.2.4. Electricity consumption
2.2.5. Electricity price
2.3. Issues in energy industries development
2.3.1. Existing
2.3.2. Challenges
2.4. Planning and forcasting
3. Business analysis
3.1. Typical companies of electricity industry
3.2. Business performance indicators
3.3. Financial indicators
3.4. Payment indicators
Hai Phong Thermal Power Joint Stock Company
Quang Ninh Thermal Power Joint Stock Company
Pha Lai Thermal Power Joint Stock Company
BOT Phy My 3 Power Company Limited
Mekong Energy Company
Northern Power Corporation – EVNNPC
Hanoi Power Company – HNPC
Central Power Corporation – EVNCPC