In 2017, Vietnam contruction industry still must import a large number of quantity contruction machines. Japan, Korea and China constantly were 3 main markets of Vietnam. In term of output of contruction industry, homes for living projects in the year developed well due to higher and higher demand in all sectors from low-price to high-class. Homes not for living projects recorded a considerable increase of hotel market with the growth in both supply and average price, however, shown level-off signal of industrial zone market. Infrustructure was continuously invested expanding contruction and enhanced quanlity in both overland, railway, air-route, etc. Manufacturing value in the whole of contruction industry in 2017 was estimated to attain an increase above 10% compared to 2016.

Executive summary
I. Business environment
1.2. Legal framework
1.3. Impact of trade agreements
2. Global market
3. Vietnam market
3.1.  Definition and classification
3.2. Value chain of the industry
3.3. Technology
3.3.1. Technology in Electrical installation
3.3.2. Technology in construction and installation of water supply and drainage systems
3.4. Market size and characteristics of Vietnam construction and installation market
3.5. Input factors
3.6. Outputs
3.6.1. Electrical installation
3.6.2. Construction and installation of water supply and drainage system
3.6.3. Installation of heating and air-conditioning systems
3.6.4. Finishing construction works
3.6.5. Other dedicated construction
4. Industrial risk
4.1. Risk analysis
4.2. SWOT analysis
5. Outlook and forecast
5.1. Driving forces of industry development
5.2. Industry planning and outlook
5.3. Forecast
6. Enterprise analysis
6.1. Enterprise introduction
6.2. Financial analysis
7. Appendix of financial statements
Truong Son Construction Corporation
Fecon Joint Stock Company
Trung Nam Construction and Engineering Corporation
Thang Long Elevator Equipment Group Company Limited
Mechanical and Electrical Construction Hawee Joint Stock Company
Binh Duong Water Environment Joint Stock Company
Sai Gon Traffic Construction Joint Stock Company
Power Construction Limited Company No. 2
Seaprodex Refrigeration Industry Corporation
Shin-wha Construction Company Limited