Vietnam Coal industry is facing many difficulties, performance efficiency declined in recent year by virtue of several of main reasons such as domestic coal price decreased and cost for production was higher and higher when mining coal reserves became exhausted, which requires enterprises increasing investment for pit exploitation, besides, it is taxes and fees. Vietnam coal has obtacle in competing with imported coal due to higher price but worse quality

From coal exporting country, since 2013, Vietnam has begin to increasing import up to 14.49 million tons in 2017, increased 10.6% compared to 2016, import turn-over in 2017 reached 1.52 billion USD, which rose 60%. The reason why coal import value in year grew significantly was that coal price increases in primary import markets of Vietnam such as: Australia, Indonesia, Russia and China, and coal demand of electricity and oil corporation rose substantially in the year.

Report summary
1. Business environment
1.1. Macroeconomic situation
1.2. Legal framework
1.3. Trade Agreements
2. Industry Overwiew
2.1. Global situation of coal industry
2.1.1. Mining – Consumption
2.1.2. Import – Export
2.1.3. Price movement of Coal
2.1.4. Mining – consumption situation of some countries
2.2. Coal industry in Vietnam
2.2.1. History of coal industry in Vietnam
2.2.2. Definition and classification
2.2.3. Value chain of coal industry
2.2.4. Industry size and characteristics
2.2.5. Situation of coal mining and production
2.2.6. Coal mining method
2.2.7. Consumption
2.2.8. Import
2.2.9. Export
2.2.10. Inventory
2.2.11. Price movement
2.2.12. Distribution and transportation
2.3. Risk analysis
2.4. Five Forces analysis and SWOT analysis
2.5. Coal industry planning and forecasts
3. Enterprises analysis
3.1. Introduction of enterprises
3.2. Financial analysis
4. Appendix of financial statements


Cao Son Coal JSC
Coc Sau Coal JSC
Vang Danh Coal JSC
Deo Nai Coal JSC
Ha Tu Coal JSC
Ha Lam Coal JSC
Mong Duong Coal JSC
Nui Beo Coal JSC
Central Zone – Coal JSC