The chemical industry has eight product categories, including nitrogen fertilizers and compounds, detergents, primary resins and synthetic rubbers, basic chemicals, paints and inks, pesticides, artificial fibers and other chemical products which are not in these groups. The industry’s product is diversified and serves for all industries relating to technical economy, thus the economic growth and industrial agriculture encouraged consumption demand as well as chemical production to rise. Revenue of chemistry is getting a constantly increasing trend through years and reached 286.1 thousand billion VND in 2016, therein fertilizer group and nitro compound make up the highest density (about 22.6%). In general, Vietnam chemistry is still underdeveloped, low labor productivity and does not enough ability to meet the need of the other industries. Many essential products in chemistry such as soda, plastic, synthetic fibers or dye in Vietnam have not been produced yet. Production industries using these materials mostly depend on import. Importing chemical and chemical product intend to increase. In 2017, export value achieved approximately 8,634 million USD in which chemical import reached 4,088 million USD, chemical products accomplished 4,536 million USD and China still is the main importing country. In 2018, with prediction of refinery completion and implement, chemistry has a lot of positive prospects in both production and consumption.

1. Business environment
1.1 Macroeconomic indicator
1.2 Legal framework
2. World market
2.1. Production
2.2. Consumption
3. Vietnam market
3.1 Formation and development history
3.2 Definition and classification
3.3 Production and consumption
3.4 Import Export
4. Major sector groups
4.1 Fertilizers and nitrogen compounds
4.2 Synthetic rubber and raw plastic resins
4.3 Detergents
4.4 Paint and Printing ink
4.5 Plant protection products
4.6 Basic chemicals
4.7 Synthetic fiber
5.  Industrial risks
6.  Outlooks and forecasts
6.1 Development planning of the chemical industry
6.2Outlook of world chemical industry
6.3 Outlook of Vietnam chemical industry
7. Business Analysis
7.1 Enterprise introduction
7.2 Financial analysis


PetroVietnam Camau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company
PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation
Lam Thao Fertilizers & Chemicals Joint Stock Company
Binh Dien Fertilizer Joint Stock Company
Southern Basic Chemicals JSC
LIX Detergent Joint Stock Company
Duc Giang Detergent and Detergent Joint Stock Company
Saigon Plant Protection Joint Stock Company
Dry Cell And Storage Battery Joint Stock Company