Cashew is mainly planted in India, Ivory Coast, Brazil and Vietnam. The raw cashew production volume has continuously increased with CARG rate of 3% during 2009/2010 – 2016/2017 season. Global cashew kernels production output in the 2017/2018 season has consecutively grown and estimated to reach xxx thousand tons, up 0.6% compared to the last season. Demand for cashew kernels in 2017 was xxx thousand tons, valued $ x.x billion, a slight increase compared to 496 thousand tons of 2016.

Vietnam is currently the world’s largest exporter of cashew kernels, with exports accounting for 56% of global production in 2016. Production quantity of cashew in the first 6 months of 2018 was estimated to be xxx.x thousand tons. The area of cashew growing in Vietnam is tending to decrease continuously. In 2017, the area of cashew is growing xx.x thousand hectares.

Although Vietnam is the greatest exporter of cashew, the industry in Vietnam still faces challenges,domestic output only meet one-third of the demand of export processing enterprises. Consumption of cashew kernels in the country accounts for 10%, while 90% of output is exported. Vietnam raw cashew exports continue to be leading position when it accounts for 50% of processed raw cashew and over 60% of cashew kernels exported worldwide. In the first 6 months of 2018, the processing enterprises exported about xxx.x thousand tons of cashew kernels, the export turnover reached x,xxx million tons.

In 2017, most of the enterprises had positive growth in net revenue and the average growth reached 18.8%. There are still opportunities for the prospects of the cashew industry in Vietnam to grow in the next few years.

 Report Summary
1. Business Environment
1.1 Macroeconomic situation
1.2 Legal Framework
2. Global Cashew Industry
2.1 Production
2.2 Consumption
3. Cashew Market in Vietnam
3.1 Definitions and Classification
3.2 Process and Production Technology
3.3 Production
3.4 Consumption
3.5 Export – Import
3.6 Price
4. Planning
5. Prospects and Forecasts
6. Enterprise Analysis

Olam Vietnam LLC
Hoang Gia Luan Trade – Service LLC
Hanoi Trade Corporation – HAPRO
Long Son Joint Stock Company
Thao Nguyen LLC
Hoang Son I Joint Stock Company
Hai Viet LLC
Ral International Vietnam Ltd
Long An Processing and Export Joint Stock Company (LAFOOCO)
Phuc Vinh Manufacture – Trade LLC 

List of figures
Figure 1: GDP growth by quarter, 2015 – 6M/2018
Figure 2: GDP structure due to the current price, 6M/2018e
Figure 3: Available income and household expenditure, 2008 – 2017f
Figure 4: Population structure divided by classes (expenditure), 2013 – 2020f
Figure 5: The export structure of main agricultural export products of Vietnam, 6M/2018e
Figure 6: Price and cashew proportion in main agricultural products, 2010 – 6M/2018e
Figure 7: Exchange rate of VND/USD, 2013 – 6/2018
Figure 8: Consumer Confidence Index, 2014 – Q1/2018
Figure 9: Global cashew planting structure, 2016/2017
Figure 10: Global cashew planting area, 2009/2010 – 2016/2017
Figure 11: Global cashew planting regions
Figure 12: Global raw cashew production output, 2009/2010 – 2016/2017
Figure 13: Global structure of cashew production, 2016/2017
Figure 14: Global cashew kernel production output, 2006/2007 – 2017/2018e
Figure 15: Cashew kernel production structure, 2016/2017
Figure 16: Global cashew production value, 2017/2018e
Figure 17: Production value of types of raw nut in the world, 2017/2018
Figure 18: Production output of cashew nuts compared to other nuts, 2006/2007 – 2017/2018e
Figure 19: Global cashew kernel consumption structure, 2016e
Figure 20: Global cashew kernel consumption, 2011 – 2017e
Figure 21: Consumption per capita of some typical cashew consumption countries, 2011 – 2016
Figure 22: Consumption of dried nuts in the world, 2011 – 2016
Figure 35: The output of cashew in Vietnam, 2012 – 6M/2018e
Figure 36: Cashew planting area structure, 2017e
Figure 37: Cashew production situation, 2013 – 6M/2018e
Figure 38: Domestic consumption of cashew kernel, 2012 – 6M/2018e
Figure 39: Value and output of cashew exports in Vietnam, 2013 – 6M/2018e
Figure 40: Output structures of cashew exports by type, 6M/2018
Figure 41: Market structures of cashew exports by output, Q1/2018e
Figure 42: Top largest cashew export enterprises in Vietnam, 6M/2018
Figure 43: Top largest cashew export enterprises’s export value 6M/2018
Figure 44: The value and imports of cashew in Vietnam, 2013 – 6M/2018e
Figure 45: Structure of cashew import market by value, 6M/2018
Figure 46: Price of dry cashew in Binh Phuoc, 9/2017 – 6/2018
Figure 47: Average export cashew price, 1/2017 – 3/2018
Figure 48: Average export cashew price to 10 markets reached the highest level, 6M/2018
Figure 49: Forecast for cashew production output in Vietnam, 2012 – 2020f
Figure 52: Gross profit margin, 2016 – 2017
Figure 53: Repayment ability, 2016 – 2017
Figure 54: Fixed asset turnover, 2016 – 2017
Figure 55: Days of inventory, 2016 – 2017
Figure 56: Sales expenses/Net revenue ratio 2016 – 2017
Figure 57: Enterprise management expenses/Net revenue ratio 2016 – 2017
Figure 58: Financial expenses /Net revenue, 2016 – 2017
Figure 59: Payment ratio, 2016 -2017
Figure 60: Profit ratio, 2016 – 2017

List of tables
Table 1: Abbreviations used to classify the cashew kernels
Table 2: Quality classification of cashew kernels
Table 3: Classification on raw cashew nuts
Table 4: Cash-on-delivery cashew price in India, 5/2018 – 7/2018 (Rs/kg)
Table 5: Comparison of economic efficiency of 1 hectare when planting cashew applying intensive farming method with rubber and cassava at Tan Lap in 2012
Table 6: Uses of cashew kernels
Table 7: Top of cashew processing and export enterprises of Vietnam