1. Macroeconomics
2. Bond market
3. Stock market
4. Forecast

Quarterly GDP fluctuations, 2016 – Q1/2021
PMI and IIP, 2016 – Q1/2021
IIP Manufacturing Index by some categories, Q1/2021
Sales of goods and retail services by quarter, 2019 – Q1/2021
Sales structure of goods and retail services, Q1/2021
Import and export turnover by quarter, 2019 – Q1/2021
Top 10 items that have highest export value, Q1/2021
Public investment capital 2017 – Q1/2021
FDI investment in Vietnam, 2017 – Q1/2021
CPI volatility, 2016 – Q1/2021
Petrol price fluctuation E5 RON 92
CPI of some products Q1/2021
Central exchange rate USD/VND, 1/2015 – 12/2020
Movement of interbank interest rates, 2019 – Q1/2021
Primary bond market, 2020 – Q1/2021
Government bonds issued by type, Q1/2021
Outright and Repos transaction value on secondary market, 2020 – Q1/2021
Government bond yield fluctuations 2016 – Q1/2021 in the secondary market
Foreign investors’ transactions on the secondary market, 2020 – Q1/2021
Volume of corporate bonds issued, June 2020 – March 2021
Corporate bond issuance volume by business group in Q1/2021
Stock trading volume and value on Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange, 2019 – Q1/2021
Trading volume and value on Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange, 2019 – Q1/2021
VN-Index volatility, 2019-2020
Transactions of foreign investors 2020 – Q1/2021 on Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange
Foreign investment transaction value on Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange, 2020 – Q1/2021