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Vietnam Plastic Comprehensive Report Q2/2017

Plastic is commonly used to replace glass, metal, wood, leather, cloth… to produce more widgets which are widely used in daily life such as raincoats and pipes to the industrial products, with many advantages such as durability, lightweight, unbreakability, colorfulness… The plastic industry is one of the industries growing stably in the world over the […]

Vietnam Logistic Comprehensive Report Q2/2017

Logistics plays an important role in support of the development of all sectors of the economy. Developing logistic services efficiently will enhance economy and nation’s competitive capacity. Germany is now seen as the leading country in terms of logistic services quality measured by LPI index. Marine transport is the main transportation mode in international transport […]

Vietnam Construction Comprehensive Report Q2/2017

Machine building industry requires creativity and advanced technology. The United States and Japan are two leading countries in this industry, which is proven by complicated building projects. Therefore, the products from these two countries with long-term value, low machine depreciation and quality assurance during construction and fewer breakdowns than that from China and Russia are […]


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